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Class 1 employeeEmployee2019/20
NIC rate12%13.8%12%13.8%
No NICs for younger employees on the first* £166 pw£962 pw £162 pw£892 pw
No NICs for employees generally on the first £166 pw£166 pw£162 pw£162 pw
NIC rate changed up to£962 pwNo limit£892 pwNo limit
2% NICs on earnings over£962 pwN/A£892 pwN/A
Certain married women5.85%13.8%5.85%13.8%
* Employees generally under 21 years and apprentices under 25 years

Employment Allowance2019/202018/19
Per business
Not available if the sole employee is a director.

Earnings limits and thresholdsWeekly2019/20
Lower earning limit£118£6,136£116£6,032
Primary threashold£166£8,632£162£8,424
Secondary threshold£166£8,632£162£8,424
Upper earnings limit (and upper secondary thresholds*)£962£50,000£892£46,350

* Employees generally under 21 years and apprentices under 25 years.

Class 1A (Employers)2019/202018/19
Most taxable employee benefits13.8% 13.8%

Class 2 (Self-Employed)2019/202018/19
Flat rate£3.00 pw £156.00 pa£2.95 pw £153.40 pa
Small profits threshold:
No NICs if profits do not exceed
£6,365 pa£6,205 pa

Class 3 Self-Employed
Flat rate£14.65 per week

Class 4 (Self-Employed)2019/202018/19
On profits £8,632–£50,000 pa 9%£8,424–£46,350 pa 9%
Over £50,000 pa
Over £46,350 pa

Class 3 flat rate£15.00 pw £780.00 pa£14.65 pw £761.80 pa


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